Mira (CH PaRay’s Premier Legacy)

Mira (Mee-ra) is co-owned by Dr. Daniel and Glenda Blue. She is cute and she is fun. As a puppy, I called her Agent WW (WW stands for wild woman). Mira is a four-letter word that I use frequently. Mira loves water and mud. Mira is champion at creating mud from scratch and spreading mud everywhere for all to enjoy. She prides herself in maintaining a stray-quality coat. In addition to the sport of digging in all of the water bowls, Mira also excels in tug-of-war. It is impossible to fold linens, move garden hoses, or carry other assorted objects without resistance with Mira’s total body weight. Mira loves puppies. Mira has an outstanding gallop and her gait is on the same par as her gallop. Mira’s gift is fun and zest.

Mira and I are forever thankful for all the support Dr. Daniel and Glenda Blue provided during Mira’s compaign.  Having Dan and Glenda on the team made Mira’s “tour de force” an unbelievable great adventure.  PaRay Professional Handling did a terrific job of presentation not to mention breeding a great little lassie.  My gratitude is truly heartfelt to Glenda, Dan, Paul Flores, Tray Pittman, Camille Bakker and all of the judges who evaluated Mira.

Professionally handled by PaRay Professional Handling.

  • “Specials” Campaign 12/04/2004 through February 13, 2006
    • 13th place defeating 644 dogs in all-breed 2004
    • 1st place defeating 10,655 dogs in all-breed 2005
    • 1st place defeating 665 Bichon Frise (breed) in 2005
  • Award of Excellence Eukanuba 01/2006
  • Completed Championship 07/31/2004