About Bichons

 Informational Links

I have always been a believer of going directly to the source instead of relying on second hand information.  Here are some of my favorite Internet information sites.



The following are books I enjoyed and refer back to often.

  • Beauchamp, Richard G. Bichon Frise:  A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual.  New York: Barron’s, 1996.
  • Elliott, Rachel Page. Dogsteps: A New Look, 3rd Edition.  Sun City, AZ:  Doral Publishing, 2001.
  • Hastings, Pat and Erin Ann Rouse. Tricks of the Trade:  From Best Intentions to Best in Show. Aloha,Oregon:  Dogfolk Enterprises, 2000.  Revised Edition 2005.
  • Padgett, George A.  Control of Canine Genetic Diseases.  New York:  Howell Book House, 1998.
  • Walkowicz, C. and B. Wilcox. Successful Dog Breeding, 2nd Edition. New York:  Howell Book House, 1994.
  • Ronchette, Vicki.  Positive Training for Show Dogs.  Wenatchee, Washington:  Dogwise Publishing, 2007.
  • Gilbert, Jr. Edward, and Thelma R. Brown.  K-9 Structure & Terminology. Aloha,Oregon:  Dogfolk Enterprises, 2001.
  • Savant-Harris, R.N. Myra. Puppy Intensive Care.  Wenatchee, Washington:  Dogwise Publishing, 2006.
  • Savant-Harris, R.N. Myra. Canine Reproduction and Whelping.  Wenatchee, Washington:  Dogwise Publishing, 2005.
  • Beauchamp, Richard.  Solving the Mysteries of Breed Type.  Phoenix, Arizona:  Doral Publishing, 2002.
  • Williams, Mary Roslin. Reaching for the Stars.  Phoenix, Arizona:  Doral Publishing, 2000.
  • Beauchamp, Richard G. The Truth About Bichons.  Midway City,CA:  Premiere Publications, Inc., 1998.
  • Kustritz, Margaret V. Root. Clinical Canine and Feline Reproduction.  Ames, Iowa:  Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.
  • Craige, Patricia.  Born to Win Breed to Succeed.  Phoenix, Arizona:  Doral Publishing, 1997, 5th Printing 2002.
  • Walkowicz, Chris.  The Perfect Match.  New York: Macmillan, 1996.
  • Hastings, Pat and Erin ann Rouse.  Another Piece of the Puzzle:  Puppy Development.  Aloha,Oregon:  Dogfolk Enterprises, 2004.
  • Robert S. Goldstein, VMD and Susan J. Goldstein. The Goldsteins’ Wellness and Longevity Program. TFH Publications, 2005.  (I like the first few chapters on nutrition, but have no opinion of the rest of the book, except I strongly recommend cooking meat before feeding.)