Cameo (CH Legend’s Mystical Medallion)

Cameo is my first show dog.  I purchased Cameo the year after one of my pet bichons frises died.  Cameo brought back the sunshine into our home.  She is very sweet and gentle.  Cameo dreams happy dreams as demonstrated by a happy wagging tail while dreaming.  She loves to play and is in the play position more often than not.  Even as a puppy, she has always been the “good” dog and she rarely gets into trouble.  Cameo is a perfect mother.  I have many stories of the mothering feats Cameo has performed in caring and educating her puppies.  Cameo is very devoted loyal companion.  Not only is Cameo elegant when she moves, she is the clean, white, dry dog.  She is always a lady.  Cameo’s gift is peace and tranquility.

Professionally handled by PaRay Professional Handling.

  • Completed Championship 04/06/2003