Lollipop (CH Glenleigh Sweet Medallion)

Lollipop is the only puppy who named herself. I was thinking about naming her Marigold or Taffy. When I caller her, she would just give me a crusty look then look away. I finally figured out she did not like those names. After a list of failed names, I said Lollipop and she bounded over to me and licked me telling me I finally knew her name. She comes 100% of the time to Lollipop, no training needed. Lollipop is very sweet and the most like her mother of all of Cameo’s daughters. Lollipop does not run very often but when she does, she is the fastest. Lollipop’s gift is snuggling.

Professionally handled by Lorrie Carlton and Lawrence Letsche, DVM.

  • Completed Championship 09/21/2008